It is your sucking 立院 should be fined 怠速停車3分鐘 最高將罰6萬 立院三讀通過空汙法修正案,預定年... 4月9日星期六 台北 It is you sucking 立院 self should be fined to surrender all their own property their own bank account to pay for their own "7.弱.Pot.強" crimes: 1. Failed to do the duty to kill anyone who's trying to enter Taiwan. 2. Failed to do the duty to kill anyone who's b 房屋買賣uying any new cars. 3. Failed to do the duty to kill anyone who's selling any new cars in Taiwan or importing any car out of Taiwan. You want to get a car to drive in small Taiwan Island, you have to buy a reliable second hand, or you have to kill a car owner to take over what left behind by that car owner. 罰6萬? can only fear s 烏來溫泉care your powerless forceless desperate private individual citizen, no way to effect those sucking evil doers who own the paper to issue that sucking tickets, not mention sucking ChenSwayBen MarInnJoe LeadDoneWheel (Just question youself how come that sucking shameless cold cold hard "Lead.Done.Wheel" wife "曾.Wen.Wheel" can have that dare to be able to have the 烤肉食材 path and stick PERSONALLY delivering "Ten.Duck" figure of Dollar Bill in Cash not only leaving Taiwan but also entering USA without reporting to any office that all your sucking people must have to do, not mention to fill any form that any your sucking business must have to do. ) ties links chains that own the printing machine to print US Dollar in Taiwan (Why in Taiwan? Because ev 酒店打工ilest Chinese man can see the point that I can see long before I have any idea about USA lie [That is why and how you must demand every one in Hong Kong must speak best Mandarin and write best Chinese traditional words, and every one in Hong Kong must be best Faithful Christian <Because only best Faithful Christian can know or understand the form of woman is second to the form of man, second class mus 租房子t not be allowed or be pushed to take any duty that must have to rely on first class to do, not mention any duty that is too much to afford any First Class to do. That how you know how to read and write, you must not be allowed to give birth, because to raise a baby is a duty too much to afford any first class Chinese man or English man to do; you want to have right to give birth, you have to make sure you are like wild an 房屋買賣imals that have nothing to do with read and write. That how Vatican can have right to deserve a life. >; because you speak read write best Chinese language can only help best mankind to be better, Chinese alone have no way to help less evil to climb out of USA lie of Hells, because USA liar of Hells worse than Satan's real hells, only those best faithfuly English writer and reader <That how my poor English write may work, because the best E 酒店兼職nglish reader or readers can have that best will to give ears and eyes to any best will honest English write.> can be good enough to help and save those less evil out of USA liar of Hells.]: That American can have right to use US Dollar Bill out of USA that Taiwanese must have right to use NT$ bill in any place that US$ bill be used, question yourself who fearer who? Who smarter who? Who can get more worldwide supporting? Small Taiwanese or sucking abusive force 房地產ful overseas Ameircan? You just need to have brain cell and common sense to know that evil Chinese can be any where; good American must not ever leave USA behind to know that no less evil/less good American can have any chance to win evilest Chinese in any way any place. You want to win evilest Chinese, you have to be good better best, you have any bit of evilness, you have no way to win. Why? Because the evilest Chinese unshakable like all good better best, the difference is good 襯衫better best rather die than lie; evilest just want every less good less evil to lie down. You want evilest in your side, you have to make sure you are not evil, you are not less good than anyone else.) for US liar Bill Clinton and his co-liar Hillary Clinton and their slave Obama ties links underground chained slavery terrors force flooded in Taiwan so called "Taiwan.Chain.Yan.腳.Moon". .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 酒店兼職  .


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